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Checking up on a tenant’s past is not that difficult

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Verifying a tenant’s past is vital for any property owner. The process can certainly help identify potential issues prior to the lease agreement being executed. This wikiHow article describes how you can check a tenant in 8 easy steps…



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… and runs their background check, credit check, employment verification and …




Question by TwinsMom1974: Can someone do a tenant screening on me without my knowledge?
Checked my credit report and last month someone ran a “tenant screening”. It looks as though the report include my full SSN plus a boatload of info. What is the deal?

Best answer:

Answer by Paul
Yes, they can if you sign ANYTHING like a lease or an application to rent. Somewhere in there is a clause stating that you allowed them to check it. I’m a long time landlord and have a service that will check anyone if I just have their SSN#.

Answer by Nutritionally Fortified
If you did not fill out a rental application then it’s probably identity theft and you should contact all three of the credit reporting agencies (Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax) immediately.

Someone could have gotten your social security number from your trash or even your bank’s trash. That’s happened before. You can get the name of the agency that requested the screening and ask them some questions. You’ll need proof that someone is posing as you or attempting to commit fraud before you go to the police.

Keep in mind that some credit checks, whether authorized by you or not, are legal and normal. Banks will often check before sending you a credit card application. Every time you apply for a credit card a check is done. By the way, the more checks you have showing up on your credit report can lower your credit rating so it’s a good thing to watch.

Answer by Goz1111
I would contact the credit agencies and report an unauthorized report the person or entity that ran your credit report need your written approval if they do not have it they can be fined

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