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110% Moneyback Guarantee

Our total customer satisfaction refund offer.

How can we offer 110% customer satisfaction?

We take pride in our services and strive for 110% customer satisfaction. Our information comes from proprietary databases, state government agencies, and county courthouses. However, every so often, a client will ask us if the information provided was ALL there was.

You can rest assured that we strive to provide all of the information available on each search subject that is permissible by law. When limited information on a subject comes back, it is because that is ALL there was available for the search product you purchased.

Should you find another information provider that can provide you with more information at the same cost or less for the same type of search, please fax us a copy of the search the way it came to you at 1-305-402-3181 and we will gladly refund 110% of the charge for the service product you selected.

By offering this money-back guarantee, you can be assured that you are receiving the best quality information available while helping our company to continue to innovate our technology.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our proprietary information databases and in-house staff research services are contracted by government agencies to fulfill their prospective employment screening, contractor clearance, and internal security protocols.

In addition, our background screening services are used by small businesses, international corporations, employment staffing firms as well as global banking financial institutions in their standard due diligence procedures known as “know your customer.” Property rental managers and condominium associations benefit from our tenant background check risk management solutions to select the applicants who are most likely to fulfill their lease obligation.