Volunteer Screening

Background Checks for Sports Coaches, Disaster Relief & Church Volunteers

volunteer group join handsNon-profit charities tend to be increasingly confronted by a security concern based on fulfilling their “help others” objective while at the same time, safeguarding the fragile people being helped. Volunteer based charities need to accomplish a sensitive balancing act; just how to precisely filter those who prey on the weak without having to offend devoted, privacy concerned volunteers.

Tip: Correct identity verification should always be your first line of defense

It is crucial to properly validate true identity prior to ordering a criminal background check. Otherwise, you may be screening a relative or a friend of the volunteer with clean records. Visual verification of a driver’s license with matching photo of volunteer is a must. Inability to uphold trust can be demoralizing to a not for profit organization, causing a great loss of community support, funding deficit or perhaps a culpable negligence legal action for irresponsible selection of a volunteer. Yet when confronted with an unpleasant event associated with the conduct of a volunteer, a non-profit volunteer organization does look far better by demonstrating that good faith time and effort was made when they originally conducted a criminal background check.

Implementing a volunteer background screening policy

At very least, a volunteer screening policy should:

  • Plainly specify the charity’s position and procedure for volunteer background checks
  • Define the volunteer roles that entail criminal screening
  • Identify the type of background screening necessary for each and every single volunteer job
  • Designate the extent and channels for performing background checks
  • Establish the criminal acts or other position related information that disqualifies a new or existing volunteer
  • Declare the costs associated of a background check as well as the financial responsibility on the volunteer for part or all components of the background screening charges
  • Designate the rate of recurrence of doing periodic background checks
  • Guidelines should be publicized on the non-profit’s web site or posted in the building where all potential and existing volunteers congregate.

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How Volunteer Self-Pay, Self-Screen Works

Volunteer based groups can now seamlessly integrate our volunteer “Self-Pay, Self-Screen” module into their website. In addition, we can brand it with your own logo, free of charge.

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