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Please Read: FCRA Compliance and Database Upgrades

As part of our constant quest to deliver leading-edge screening solutions and keep you up-to-date with compliance mandates, we would like to bring to your attention some new features recently deployed:

New! Nationwide Criminal Database Searches: Our new Near-Time Data Insertion™ technology will update criminal records data in a much more frequent basis from a growing list of thousands of individual datasets. In addition, it will be presented in a more user-friendly format highlighting relevant decision-making points. It is strongly advised that any significant felony or misdemeanor database “hits” should be verified by a real-time county or statewide criminal search.

Money-Saver! – In the case of two known last names, please enter in hyphenated (-) mode. For example “Mary Brown Whitney” should be entered as “Mary Brown-Whitney”, “John St. Louis” would be entered as “John StLouis”, “Jose De La Cruz” would be entered as “Jose Delacruz”. No spaces, commas, periods or Jr., Sr. in last names. Based on your entry, our algorithms will automatically cross-search “Mary Brown”, “Mary Whitney” and “Mary Brown-Whitney” simultaneously.

SSN Trace, Alias, DOBs & Address History part of Basic & All-Inclusive Background Check Package:

  • In compliance with FCRA guidelines, this SSN Trace service can only be viewed from your secure account separate from the criminal background check report. See “how-to” image. In other words, it cannot be sent to an applicant along with derogatory criminal search results in the event of any adverse action rejection letter. You may, however, print it for internal control purposes.
  • FCRA and Non-FCRA reports should be separated because consumers have certain rights with respect to consumer reports (including dispute process, requiring CRA to investigate) that do not apply to SSN Trace service. Because the SSN Trace service is considered a Non-FCRA product, it cannot be combined with FCRA products in the same report as advised by our legal counsel.
  • This SSN Trace service is obtained via proprietary databases and is not obtained directly via the Social Security Administration. While we would like to be able to provide validation from the Social Security Administration (CBSV), it is a more prolonged manual process that would delay other aspects of the background report. Due to government regulations, any information provided directly from the Social Security Administration must be requested manually in their official documentation, including a signed consent form from your applicant. This process can take from 2 days to a week.
  • If our system cannot find a match between the subject’s SSN and first name or last name, or SSN may belong to someone else or SSN is deemed invalid, the system will return a discrepancy alert. Any discrepancies will also show in your “Review Needed” status icon as presently done. Criminal searches will then be processed based on user input

Basic Nationwide Background Check vs. All-Inclusive Background Check

  • Basic SSN Trace & Multi-States Criminal will cross-search criminal records based on user input name & DOB. You may enter two known last names in hyphenation as mentioned above (i.e., Jones-Williams). SSN entry does not affect criminal records search. However, entering a wrong DOB will throw off results. In the event that a wrong DOB or another name associated with SSN entry is found in the SSN Trace by our quality assurance staff, that part of the report will show in “Review Needed” icon at your secure account homepage. In that event, it would be wise to reorder criminal search based on correct information.
  • All Inclusive SSN Trace & Multi-States Criminal will search based on user input and additionally search any additional last names/aliases as well as wrong DOBs found in SSN trace that was not originally inputted by the user. This report will save you time and money by not having to reorder nationwide criminal database searches as well as provide you with correct identifying information on the applicant.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Have a great week!