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Healthcare Industry Background Verification Services

In today’s highly regulated environment, the healthcare sector faces stringent government mandates. It’s imperative for medical and nursing personnel to undergo thorough FACIS® Level III sanctions screening, license verification and criminal background checks in order to safeguard patient welfare while ensuring high standards of care.

Representing 14% of the U.S. workforce, healthcare positions are critical to the nation, making it the second-largest employment sector. Given the paramount importance of patient safety, healthcare providers must verify that their staff possess the necessary qualifications, maintain an unblemished record with their professional licensing bodies, and are not barred from participating in any state or federal healthcare programs.

We recognize the critical need for swiftly integrating medical professionals with impeccable backgrounds and confirmed qualifications into your team to optimize shift scheduling. Our background verification reports are designed for rapid turnaround, typically completed within 24 hours, following rigorous quality assurance processes.

Selecting an unsuitable candidate can have critical consequences, potentially affecting life or death outcomes.

The healthcare profession demands exceptional dedication and skills, necessitating individuals with a verified track record of excellence. Medical personnel hold the significant responsibility of caring for human lives, underscoring the importance of their role.

What is a FACIS® background check?

The acronym means “Fraud Abuse and Control Information System”. View sources for a FACIS® level III background check.

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Fraud and substance abuse

Healthcare workers have access to sensitive materials, including controlled substances, private health information, and confidential financial data. Hiring an individual with a history of drug abuse or involvement in identity theft can lead to catastrophic outcomes.


Continuous Monitoring Exclusion Screening – Federal Health Care Program

Under federal regulations, healthcare providers are mandated to conduct ongoing screenings for OIG, SAM, LEIE, and state Medicaid & Medicare Fraud exclusion sanctions. This applies to all employees and vendors continuously. For more information on Exclusion Screening, click here.