FACIS® Background ChecksFACIS® Healthcare Background Checks

Now, more than ever – the healthcare industry is subject to all kinds of strict government regulations. Medical and nursing staff are required to undergo comprehensive background checks to ensure the safety and well being of those being cared for.

Hiring the wrong person can mean the difference between life and death

Working in the health care field is not easy, and truly requires someone who is highly skilled with a proven background record. After all, medical staffers are dealing with human lives.

Fraud and substance abuse

Healthcare employees have access to controlled substances as well as private health records and confidential financial information. An employee with a past background history of drug use or identity theft crimes, can be of disastrous consequences if hired.

What is a FACIS® background check?

The acronym means: Fraud Abuse and Control Information System. View sources for a FACIS® level III background check.

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