Learn to avoid problem renters by using tenant background checks.

Couple renting a house

Select rental applicants who are most likely to fulfill their lease obligation.

Evictions typically are lengthy and stressful. In the majority of court cases, a loss of time and money. Rental property vandalism, criminal acts against neighbors, tardy rent checks and legal implications, are just the starting complications as well as expensive inconveniences that will come about from renting to just one substandard tenant.

In case one happens to own a multi-unit rental property, you can incorporate into the equation the loss of proven, always-on-time paying renters.

Tip: Avoid problem tenants from the very beginning.

Screen them before you let them check in.
The good news is that most problem renters with court documented history can be avoided using our Name Variation Algorithms Tenant Background Check. Simply┬áprovide renter’s name, DOB and social security number. Our staff will cross-check every possible name, aliases and address combination for searches listed on package.

Renter Assurance Protection

With all the rental scams going on today, regretfully we hear about them after a renter is out of their hard earned money. Oftentimes, malicious individuals pose as landlords of empty properties. In addition, some who are indeed the legitimate owners are in the process of being foreclosed upon risking you getting evicted after you move in. Potential renters can now verify if private landlord is the real owner of property being rented, any past criminal history as well as checking that property is not in foreclosure proceedings prior to renter paying any rental deposits and monthly payments. View more information about our landlord background check.

Save time and background screening fees

Learn about our optional rental applicant self-screen and self-pay module. Watch video below and see how it works.