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In today’s job market, speed and accuracy of a background check is paramount.

Time and resources are spent finding the ideal candidate. When a job offer is extended with the contingency of a clear background history, you can’t afford the risk of your future employee getting hired by your competitor while waiting on a background report. We also know you don’t have the time to learn new, sophisticated technology to ensure that your employment background screening procedure is FCRA & EEOC compliant.

Not all background check companies are created equal.

We have yet to hear a client ask us to “make my job more complicated!”

In order to protect your company from compliance litigation, you need experienced human intelligence to guide you through every step of the vetting process. You need a knowledgeable provider, not just a data vendor.

A company that gets it right the first time while increasing your bottom line.

  • A background screening company where product quality comes before salesmanship
  • A company that understands the delicate balance between negligent hiring and employment discrimination, not an automated grading system that doesn’t take into account FCRA and EEOC compliance

Provide your applicants a better screening experience with our mobile app

The trend is towards mobile recruiting. Nowadays, most applicants are using mobile devices for their job search. Providing them with a strong mobile background screening platform, shows them you stay at the forefront of technology.

Applicant Self-Screening

The fast and easy way to allow applicants to provide their own screening data. By using our mobile screening solution, you can generate a link to send to their mobile device whereby they can enter their information, sign electronic consent forms, upload certifications and much more while improving the overall background check experience.

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FCRA Employment Screening

Employee background checking requires being compliant with FCRA and EEOC guidelines. At the same time, selecting an unsuitable employment applicant is a high risk. However, the improper employment screening procedure can be just as damaging. Our platform provides all the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate fairness compliance in every step of the vetting process.

Check Tenants

Order a tenant background check from our site or save time and money by having your rental applicant initiate the tenant screening process. Potential renters can securely submit their information online and pay with a credit card. Based on our experience, we have learned that “problem” renters usually don’t bother to apply when such a policy is in place.

Healthcare Background

Perform healthcare background checks that include Level III FACIS® on newly hired and current employees. Now more than ever:  the healthcare industry is subject to all kinds of strict government regulations. Medical and nursing staff are required to undergo comprehensive background checks to ensure the safety and well being of those in need of medical care. Hiring the wrong person with a documented history of inappropriate behavioral tendencies can be detrimental to your staff.

Sports Coaches, Church Volunteers, Nannies

Because volunteering represents such a selfless act to help others, verifying the integrity behind their intent is imperative to maintain the support of your cause. Considering that not for profit groups count on the generosity of donors and volunteers to function, we offer exclusively reduced volunteer screening rates for non-profit organizations.


Potential Business Partners

Performing due diligence on a person you’re considering doing business with, may perhaps be the most critical risk preceding your time and monetary investment. Our public records dossier is based on our client’s expectations on types of background searches considered relevant before entering into a business association.

No Offshoring of PII

We are proudly supportive and compliant of California Senate Bill 909 (CA SB 909). BCS Background Screening, LLC does not outsource personal identifiable information (PII) outside the USA. All processing and preparation of each background report is proudly done in the United States.

Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Tools

Automate the recruitment process via a defined employee initiated workflow while saving on human capital. Our SaaS-based applicant tracking system (ATS) empowers your organization to streamline the hiring and onboarding process. Create online job boards, have applicants apply online, upload their resume, create electronic consent forms, qualify applicants for tax credits, fulfill an EEOC questionnaire and much more. Perform a pre-employment background check with one-click.

Private Label

You can see examples of company branding when you fill out an electronic employment application for larger employers. Attract top-notch talent by demonstrating how technologically sophisticated you operate, even if you only have 10 employees. A successful hiring brand management effort increases both the number and quality of applicants, helps reduce the click-through percentages among top candidates, while improving your overall workforce productivity.

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