Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Video Demo

View online demo of how easy you can seamlessly implement our built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) into your background screening secure account.

View online demo of how easy you can seamlessly implement our built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) into your background screening secure account. Create job boards with detailed job descriptions. Job applicants can upload their resume, complete online employment application, sign electronic consent and much more. Process background checks with one click.

Slide Transcript

  • Slide 1: Out of the box, plug-n-play hiring solutions. Recruit. Qualify. Comply.
  • Slide 2: Time and Money Saving Benefits Web based recruiting services. Create online job boards with your logo and colors for open positions. Customizable employment applications with job requirements and skills desired can be linked to positions. Review candidates online. Order background screening with one keystroke! – Secure self-payment option for applicants. Applicant initiated entry into screening system saves time and duplicate data input.
  • Slide 3: On Boarding Process Phase 1 Applicant finds your online job posting. Completes application & uploads resume. Phase 2 HR reviews applicant’s info online. If not suitable, system can generate and mail job declination letter. Phase 3 If applicant meets your job criteria. An instant preliminary background check is processed prior to office interview. Phase 4 (Optional) Secure self-payment option link helps you minimize cost of a background check. Perfect for employees, coaches & volunteers. Phase 5 Discrepancies found in background check. System generated FCRA adverse action letter is mailed with copy of report. Phase 6 Interview passed. More searches can be ordered in addition to drug screening. Automated re-screening optional.
  • Slide 4: Job Board Our applicant tracking system allows you to create a job board with your company’s color scheme and logo. There is no coding required. No third-party software. Simply enter all job position descriptions from your secure account. If you’d rather host your own job board, our system can generate the “apply now” HTML link for applicants to enter their information.
  • Slide 5: Applicant views job description
  • Slide 6: Applicant proceeds to apply online Edit your privacy and legal verbiage disclaimer directly from your control center.
  • Slide 7: Enters ID information Next comes the disclosure step of the two-step disclosure/consent process required by law. Again, this is fully customizable from your control center.
  • Slide 8: You can customize text of info required
  • Slide 9: Select questions to ask applicant
  • Slide 10: All easily configured from your secure account. No coding.
  • Slide 11: Paperless, clear and legible application
  • Slide 12: Applicant can upload resume with application Applicant uploads their resume, scanned image of their driver’s license, diplomas, training certifications, etc. into a free online document filing cabinet we provide as an added bonus.
  • Slide 13: Your secure account
  • Slide 14: Configure employment application by simple text entry
  • Slide 15: Review potential employee’s applications online
  • Slide 16: Manage applicants you want to hire or reject
  • Slide 17: Screen before interview with one click Once sent for screening, fields are auto-populated based on applicant’s input. Preliminary custom screening package is associated with position being applied for.
  • Slide 18: Optionally, you can have applicant pay own screening online At this point, you have the option of sending a secure, self-payment link to applicant to pay for cost of their own background check. Once completed, those results are directly processed based on their name, DOB and SSN validation and instantly uploaded into your account. This is a tamper-proof process as results cannot be altered.
  • Slide 19: Batching capabilities
  • Slide 20: Setup users or branches within your company
  • Slide 21: Setup automated re-screenings of current employees
  • Slide 22: Process summary and detailed reports
  • Slide 23: Track screening costs by departments
  • Slide 24: Stay EEOC compliant
  • Slide 25: If your present hiring process is too slow, it could possibly force your great prospect to apply with your competitors. Contact us today at (888) 464-0018 or by email. Nowadays, it’s business at the speed of light.