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Automated Reference Checks

BCS Background Screening, LLC is proud to announce a new way of capturing reference verifications with our automated reference checks. Using Swift Reference allows your clients to get faster and more accurate Applicant reference verifications by automating the process to reach out directly to the reference contact.
When a reference verification search is ordered, the applicant will have the opportunity to add the email address of either a Professional or Personal reference. Upon order of the search, the BCS Background Screening platform will send an SMS text and an email link to the reference contact to complete a verification form.

  • Easily configurable templates
  • Customizable Instructions
  • Open Text and mandated fields
  • Instantly updates across all invitations
  • Create any question

iScreenHire Mobile Screening

HR departments can extend the background screening process to mobile devices through iScreenHire Mobile Screening and its Applicant Portal, providing job applicants with complete visibility and a faster, more simplified experience that aligns with the proliferation of modern, mobile-centric applications.

iScreenHire Mobile Screen also eliminates the manual, time-consuming information-input-process for HR departments, and extends the enterprise-grade functionality of the BCS Background Screening platform to streamline all workflow, reporting, and management of increasingly important applicant background checks.