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Should you hire an ex-convict?

Oftentimes young people make mistakes whether due to socio-economical circumstances, immaturity, lack of adult mentor guidance or simple peer pressure. Sadly, most of them could have done something better if given the chance to prove themselves.

The most significant challenge an ex-convict experiences after being released from prison is finding a job. Despite the fact that they have already paid their debt to society, employers understandably are somewhat concerned with regards to employing an ex-convict as they will not pass an employment background check and thus, if hired makes the employer a target for a negligent hiring lawsuit in the event of a mishap.

convicted felon
Currently, the state of Ohio has taken an interesting approach to tackle this problem and provide support for both the ex-offender and the employer. They are providing accreditation of achievement for the ex-convict as well as certifications of qualification for employers who volunteer to take part of this program.

The idea behind the certification is to forgive the employer of any accountability if the former offender does something illegal on the job, the employer cannot be sued for negligent hiring.

This concept takes away the burden from employers when they assume the risk on an ex-con that wants to return to being productive member of society. Read more