Workers Compensation Claims Search

Used for employment screening

When hiring workers, it is a good idea to find if they have a history of being injured on the job and filing workers compensation claims.

Although they may legitimately be prone to injuries, there are those who fake injuries in order to get paid without having to work for a living. Too many workers compensation filings increase the employer’s rates for providing workmen’s compensation insurance to their other employees. Learn more about Worker’s Compensation from the Department of Labor.

This is a statewide search which provides limited information on a per case by case basis of: the injury description, injury date, filing date, weekly compensation rate, and the compensation time frame. Signed consent required. Not all states are available.

Sample Workers Compensation Claims Report

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[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Workman’s Comp – Workers Compensation Claims” description=”When performing employment screening, a workers compensation claims search is done to avoid hiring workers who have a long history of filing injury claims.” price=”$45.00″ ]