Workers Compensation Claims Search

Used for employment screening

When hiring workers, it is a good idea to find if they have a history of being injured on the job and filing workers compensation claims.

Although they may legitimately be prone to injuries, there are those who fake injuries in order to get paid without having to work for a living. Too many workers compensation filings increase the employer’s rates for providing workmen’s compensation insurance to their other employees.¬†Learn more about Worker’s Compensation from the Department of Labor.

This is a statewide search which provides limited information on a per case by case basis of: the injury description, injury date, filing date, weekly compensation rate, and the compensation time frame. Signed consent required. Not all states are available.

Sample Workers Compensation Claims Report

State: FloridaInjury Description: STRAIN/INJURY BY NOCClaimants Occupation: Lineman
Name Searched: Thomas WhittenInjury Date: 11/17/2014JCN: 962584753
DOB Searched: 01/20/****Filing Date: 12/15/2014DATE OF ACCIDENT: 11/17/2014 COUNTY: PINELLAS ZIP CODE: 33733
SSN Searched: 251-50-****Injured Employee's Name: Thomas WhittenTIME OF INJURY: 10:28
Date Ordered: 02/10/2015SSN on file: 251-50-****RISK CLASS: 7539 ( ELECTRIC LIGHT OR PO )
Date Completed: 02/15/2015Employee's Current Address: Not available on fileCAUSE OF INJURY: STRAIN/INJURY BY NOC
Results: Records FoundEmployer's Insurance No: 45-87545211MMI DATE: 04/21/2015
Company Name: Sunshine State Power Co. SIC: 4911CARRIER SERVICE AGENT: SLS Florida
Company Address: 250 No Main Road, Orlando, FLCARRIER NOTIFIED DATE: 12/11/2014
EMPLOYER WC NUM: 14528754691 DATE EMPLOYED: 1/1/2012


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