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USA Patriot Act – OFAC/SDN

The USA PATRIOT Act requires that all persons or companies doing business in the U.S.A. must comply with federal prerequisites (Know Your Customer).

Our OFAC/SDN USA Patriot Act Search simultaneously searches:

Terrorist Global Watch List, INTERPOL Most Wanted, OFAC Blocked List, Denied Persons List, OTS List, DEA Fugitive List, Debarred List, Bank of England Sanctions List, OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List, United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, European Union Terrorism Sanctions List, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List, Comptroller of Currency Enforcement Actions List, World Bank Listing of Ineligible Individuals, Health and Human Services Exclusions, US General Svcs Admin Excluded Parties Lists, Palestinian Legislative Council List, FDA List, Most Wanted List, Terrorism Knowledge Base, National Credit Union Administration, Politically exposed persons list, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Enforcement, Health Resources and Services Administration, ORA – Disqualified, Restricted and Assurances List, ORI-Public Health Service-Administrative Actions, Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Most Wanted, Air Force Fugitives, Alabama Medicaid Exclusion List, America Most Wanted Fugitives, Australia Sex Offender Registry, Australian Consolidated List, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List – Burma, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List – Former Yugoslavia, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List – Iran, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List – North Korea, Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List – Zimbabwe, Bank of England Consolidated List, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Canadian Sanctions List – Entities, Canadian Sanctions List – Individuals, Connecticut Medicare Administrative Action List, DEA Atlanta Division, DEA Boston Division, DEA Caribbean Division, DEA Chicago Division, DEA Dallas Division, DEA Denver Division, DEA Detroit Division, DEA Diversion Control Administrative Actions Against Doctors, DEA El Paso Division, DEA Houston Division, DEA Los Angeles Division, DEA Miami Division, DEA New Jersey Division, DEA New Orleans Division, DEA New York Division, DEA Philadelphia Division, DEA Phoenix Division, DEA San Diego Division, DEA San Francisco Division, DEA Seattle Division, DEA St. Louis Division, DEA Washington Division, Denied Persons List, Department of Treasury Debarred List, Excluded Parties – Non procurement List, Excluded Parties – Procurement List, Excluded Parties – Reciprocal List, FBI Crime Alerts, FBI Crimes Against Children, FBI Criminal Enterprises, FBI Cyber Crime, FBI Domestic Terrorists, FBI Terrorism-Most Wanted, FBI Top 10 Most Wanted , FBI Violent Murders, FBI Violent Offender, FBI White Collar Criminal, FDA Clinical Investigators Compliance List, FDA Clinical Investigators Disqualified List, FDA Clinical Investigators No Longer Restricted List, FDA Clinical Investigators Notice of Initiation, FDA Clinical Investigators Presiding Officer Report List, FDA Clinical Investigators Restricted List, FDA Debarment List, FDIC – Failed Bank List, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Enforcement Actions, Federal Reserve Enforcement Actions, Health & Human Services, ICE Most Wanted Criminal Aliens, ICE Most Wanted Fugitives, Idaho Medicare Excluded Providers, Interpol Incident Alert, Monetary Authority of Singapore Enforcement Actions, Money Services Businesses FINCEN List, National Credit Union Administration, Northern Mariana Island Sex Offender Registry , OCC Bank Enforcement Actions, OCC Institution Affiliated Parties Enforcement Actions, Office of Thrift Supervision – Enforcement Actions, Palestinian Legislative Council List, Politically Exposed Persons List, Secret Service Most Wanted, Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, Terrorism Knowledge Base, Texas Health and Human Services Commission Medicaid and Title XX Provider Exclusion List, TRICARE Sanctions List, U.S. Marshals Service Major Fugitive Cases, UK Disqualified Directors, UN Consolidated List, US Department of Commerce, US Marshals Most Wanted, US Postal Service Most Wanted, World Bank Debarred List
Plus other databases added weekly.

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Please Read: Most records returned from the instant USA Patriot/OFAC datasources are based on NAME MATCH ONLY and should carefully be reviewed for identifiers such as DOB’s, middle names and/or residence address. A common name combination may return a handful of records from the USA Patriot/OFAC data sources.

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