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Employment applicants with a verifiable education are considered with more trust and respect by employers.

An Important component of employment screening

Educated people tend to have a better judgment of their impulses and thus, are considered less likely to commit any criminal acts in the workplace.

Why should an employer verify former education?

While a college education can empower a potential employee in many ways, there is always a small percentage of applicants who lie in their resumes. One particular area is their former education degrees. Oftentimes, an employment candidate may try to exaggerate by claiming to have received a graduate degree when in reality, they simply attended the school briefly without obtaining a diploma.

Beware of a diploma mill degree

A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an unaccredited higher education institution that offers illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. These degrees may claim to give credit for relevant life experience, but should not be confused with legitimate prior learning assessment programs. They may also claim to evaluate work history or require submission of a thesis or dissertation for evaluation to give an appearance of authenticity. Diploma mills are frequently supported by accreditation mills, set up for the purpose of providing an appearance of authenticity.
List of diploma mills colleges


Education Verification Report

Information Provided
Information Searched
Information Verified
School: Luther College
School: Luther College
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Location: Decorah, IA
Major: Accounting
Start Date: 09/05/2000
Location: Decorah, IA
End Date: 05/20/2004
Graduation Date: May 2004
Graduation Date: 05/20/2004
GPA: 3.8
Verified by: Karen at Registrar’s Office
Notes: Records found under maiden name, not user-provided married name


The vast majority of colleges and universities outsource their registrar records to a handful of national repository companies incurring an additional charge of anywhere from $3 to $24. We have no way of knowing that added charge until you place your order.

This search is for employment screening purposes only and a signed background check authorization must be uploaded when placing order.

Turnaround time: From a couple of hours to 5 business days or more. Price $20 + Third-party fee.