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State of Utah Driving Records History

All customers must create an account with State of Utah in order for our services to allow instant access to your employment applicant’s driving history

The Utah (UT) Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is releasing a new MVR and Driver Monitoring Service as of December 2017. The new service ensures proper MVR compliance for all vendors, sub-vendors, and customers. As a part of the transition to the service, Utah DMV requires all vendors (e.g. SambaSafety) and their perspective customers to register for a Utah Organization Identification Number or ORG ID and to select their desired Vendor.

The instructions below will guide you through the registration process. The registration process must be completed by all customers to utilize the UT MVR service. During this process, you will be asked to select a vendor and provide a Vendor ID.

UTSV Instructions 13117
In order to obtain Utah MVRs via SambaSafety, you must register your organization with the state.
Step 1 – Register for Utah Account and Accept Terms

  • Complete the Credentials and Your Info sections
  • Click on the Create My Account button
  • The Confirm Email Address page will open
  • When the activation email is received, click the Here link to activate

Step 2 – Log in at https://secure.utah.gov/dhr

  • Click on the Get Started button
  • Enter your company’s FEIN number and click Continue
  • Complete the Required Information section. Select the appropriate Business Type from the
    drop-down menu. Click Continue
  • Agree to terms for both the Citation Monitoring and Point-to-Point. Your Organization ID is
    under your company name
  • Click Continue
  • Log out

Step 3 – You may log back into https://secure.utah.gov/account/login.html to check the status of
your application. Once approved by the state, you will receive an approval email.
NOTE: You will be required yearly to renew terms. The system will alert you when renewal is
due and you can log in again and agree to the terms.

Step 4Login again to enter Organization IDs with State of Utah

  • Enter SambaSafety’s Organization ID# TJ0GINEBJC as vendor, and BCS Background Screening Organization ID# LE0INQH6DI as sub-vendor to create Utah MVR Order relationships
  • Contact us once this process is completed