Automated Re-Screening of Current Employees

Because circumstances change and so do people. An employee who had a clear record a year ago may have committed a criminal offense or developed a drug habit that puts your company and coworkers at risk. Government contracts required audited background screening.

Our automated re-screening module will ensure you one less task to worry about

Semi-annual criminal background screening is cost-effective because you only need to check for any recent criminal or driving history activity. In all reality, you don’t need to order any other background check products such as employment and education verification because normally those are aspects that would not change since the initial background check.

recurring background screening

Automated recurring background screening means of auto-reminding clients of searches that need to be renewed, and tracking the efforts to renew, as follows:

  • When a client orders a background search, they can enter an auto-renewal date. The date can either apply to just the search, or to the entire report as ordered.
  • In addition, a new search management link will be added to the left of all search, allowing the client to add, remove, or adjust the renewal date at any time.
  • Every day, our system will scan for any searches/reports that are up for renewal. When it finds one or more, it creates a client note indicating that the search is due for renewal.