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Employment Verify

Draws on previous employers knowledge of applicant during the period of employment specified in the application. The information obtained by the interviewer includes but is not limited to: dates of employment, character, salary (some states have now banned asking about previous salary), title, performance.

This search may incur clearinghouse fees. In that event, you will be notified.

Sample Former Employment Verification

Past Employment Verify

Name Searched Charles Templeton
DOB 11/24/****
SSN 155-55-****
Search ID 386975
Date Ordered 07/30/2016
Date Completed 07/31/2016
Status Complete
Information Provided
  Company uStayWell Health Associates
  Company Phone 864-555-1515
  Company Location Greenville, SC
  Company Contact Not Provided
  Position Held Physician
  Start Date 6/2001
  End Date 3/2011
  Permission to Contact Yes
Information Searched
  Company uStayWell Health Associates
  Company Phone
  Company Location Greenville, SC
Information Verified
  Position Verified Physician – Contracted Non-Employee
  Start Date Contracted as needed from 2001 thru 2011
  End Date Contracted as needed. Last contracted 2011
  Answers to Standard Questions
    Attendance No Comment
    Eligibility for Rehire No Comment
    Works well with Others No Comment
    Work Habits No Comment
    Written/Communication Skills No Comment
    Disciplinary Action No Comment
    Overall Performance(1-10:best) No Comment
    Reason for Leaving No Comment
Additional Comments
This person was a contracted physician not an employee. Verified by Ron Gutsey – Director of HR.