Applicant Self-Pay, Self-Screen Background Checks

Have your employment & rental applicants initiate the background screening process by submitting their own information online and paying with a credit card. Once report is completed, it is securely uploaded into your account for your review. In no step of the process does applicant have access to alter report results. You can also have it billed to your account and use this feature to curtail data entry on your behalf. Easy configuration from within your account at no cost to your company. You can customize and even brand it with your own company logo. Watch video below on how easy you can setup from within your account.

SelfScreen, the fast and easy way to allow applicants to provide their own screening data!

To get started, just enter the name and email address of the applicant you would like to screen. The reference field is optional and can be used for billing, department, or other codes at your discretion. Also, you must choose the package of searches that you want the applicant to fill out information for.

Once you submit the Self-Screen order, your applicant will receive an email with a link to submit his/her information. The screen is similar to your order screen, except no pricing will be shown unless the applicant is set to pay for the order via credit card.

Self Screen Module